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Support The Truth: DU News.

Tuesday, 31 January 2006, 2:16 pm

Support The Truth, DU News.

  1. Soldiers exposed to DU, "Dustin Brim - How DU Kills U.S. Soldiers" AFP, Christopher Bollyn
  2. People Working to expose DU, Doug Rokke, "I Implore you to act."
  3. Statistics, Russians say 1000 metric tons of uranium used in Iraq, UK Atomic Energy states a half million will die
  4. International Soldiarity
  5. Ask a question, and get it answered by an expert.

  1. Soldier Exposure: Dustin Brim by Christopher Bollyn, AFP ORMOND BEACH, Florida – An alarmingly high percentage of U.S. military personnel who have served in Iraq have been afflicted by a variety of health problems commonly known as Gulf War Syndrome. Exposure to uranium spread through the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons is thought to be the primary cause of the high rate of chronic ailments and mortality among Gulf War vets.

    While initial casualties from the first U.S. invasion of Iraq were light, long-term casualties from the 1991 war ultimately exceeded 30 percent, according to Terrell E. Arnold, former Chairman of the Department of International Studies at the National War College. The long-term casualty rate from the current war in Iraq, Arnold says, is likely to be much higher.

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  2. People Working on DU: Doug Rokke, US Army

    All citizens of the world must raise a unified voice to force the leaders of those nations that have used depleted uranium munitions to recognize the immoral consequences of their actions and assume responsibility for medical care of all individuals exposed to uranium contamination and the thorough environmental remediation of all uranium contamination left as a result of combat and peacetime actions. The efforts of senior U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Army, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, British, Canadian, Australian, and United Nations officials to prevent acknowledgment of these problems and accept responsibility must be stopped! The overt retaliation against any of us who are attempting to get these same officials to comply with their own directives must stop. We can not continue to ignore the consequences of wartime contamination that include adverse health and environmental effects. I IMPLORE YOU TO ACT!

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  3. Statistics: Russians say 1000 metric tons used in Iraq: Neil Mackay, Investigations Editor, Sunday Herald

    The Pentagon has admitted that 320 metric tons of DU were left on the battlefield after the first Gulf war, although Russian military experts say 1000 metric tons is a more accurate figure.

    In 1991, the Allies fired 944,000 DU rounds or some 2700 tons of DU tipped bombs. A UK Atomic Energy Authority report said that some 500,000 people would die before the end of this century, due to radioactive debris left in the desert.

    The use of DU has also led to birth defects in the children of Allied veterans and is believed to be the cause of the 'worrying number of anophthalmos cases -- babies born without eyes' in Iraq. Only one in 50 million births should be anophthalmic, yet one Baghdad hospital had eight cases in just two years. Seven of the fathers had been exposed to American DU anti-tank rounds in 1991. There have also been cases of Iraqi babies born without the crowns of their skulls, a deformity also linked to DU shelling.

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  4. International Solidarity: -- This site is an archival reference resource for Depleted Uranium issues.

    Dr. Jawad Al-Ali is calling for financial help to fund the first epidemiological screening effort in Basrah, Iraq. DU has long been suspected as the cause for exploding cancer rates and birth defects in this region since it was used there in the First Gulf War.

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