Friday, January 27, 2006

Vietnam and Iraq: Six Stages of Deception

David Robson and Richard Krohn write in the Baltimore Chronicle,

"During the present conflict in Iraq many of us who lived through Vietnam have been hearing echoes of that earlier conflict. The echoes are getting louder and are not just coincidence."

Everybody's Lookin for Manny Pacquiao

But of course they are!

No idea who is Manny Pacquiao and why everybody's looking for him and his site, AKA Pacland?

Man Pac stopped Erik "El Terrible" Morales in Saturday's hugely-hyped WBC International Super Featherweight title bout. Now, the diminuative rising star of boxing is a big hit online, too.

Bunch of stories....

Some good stuff in Slashdot today:

7 myths about the Challenger shuttle disaster
It didn't explode, the crew didn't die instantly and it wasn't inevitable

Thief nabs backup data on 365,000 patients
An employee for a health care firm in Portland, Ore., had tapes, disks in his car. (Remember my earlier assertions about ineptitude?)

YOU can listen to NASA Spacesuits turned into satellites as they pass overhead. No, I don't mean they are turned into satellites as they pass overhead. NASA is testing the use of old spacesuits as satellites and, as they pass overhead, you can hear them on a cheap radio scanner. No word on whether you can also hear little green men say, "PEEE-EWW!!!"

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Self-Configurable Intelligent Optical Network to Drive Global Collaboration

I have no idea what it is but wouldn't "Self-Configurable Intelligent Optical Network to Drive Global Collaboration" be the coolest tattoo?

"SURFnet6, a high-grade computer network specially reserved for higher education and research in the Netherlands, will revolutionize the way researchers access the vast amounts of bandwidth their research requires, configuring their connectivity based on their real-time requirements."

It's much like Angela Merkel's opening speech at the World Economic Forum last night. A lot of words but what on earth does it mean?

Cell Phones as Web Servers

Slashdot has a fun thread on the subject of running a webserver on your mobile phone!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Admiral: ‘Commonality of systems’ vital to military communications

When (and IF!) "we" one day look back upon the late 20th and early 21st century 'age', you know what will be the defining characteristic about which they write, point, gasp and shake their heads?




SARS, Big Bird's flu or blogs?


Nope, assuming there is any form of cogent life able to view what has happened - at an accelerating pace - over the last few years here on "our" planet I reckon they will sigh/laugh/cry at the incredible INEPTITUDE.

I think INEPTITUDE is the defining characteristic of our age.

From heads of states down to voters/electorate/peasants/CongestionChargePayers, the human race is rapidly e-Volving(TM) into a moronic bunch of increasingly illiterate, red-herring-chasing, self-absorbed, uneducated, unaware, INEPT morons.

Don't believe me?

Admiral: ‘Commonality of systems’ vital to military communications

"Adm. Thomas F. Hall said senior military leaders—such as Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore, who was in charge of the military's response to hurricane Katrina—sent runners to relay messages between bases and posts, reminiscent of relay tactics used during World War II.

"Somehow we have to get a commonality of systems," Hall said today."

Gee.... do you think?

In the Interim Report of the Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, dated March 30,1992, a report on various issues found to have arisen during the 1991 war in the Persian Gulf, what do we find?

"Communications that work. Soldiers just outside shouting range of each other were often unable to communicate by radio. Pilots aloft, not of different nations but merely of different U.S. services, were also often unable to speak to each other on safely encoded radio circuits. The challenge for the future is to ensure that U.S. forces are equipped with the means to communicate with one another."

and that's not all....

"Operation Desert Storm demonstrated that tactical communications are still plagued by incompatibilities and technical limitations. At CENTCOM corps and wing levels, a significant portion of the war was conducted over commercial telephone lines because of the volume and compatibility."

That's not all, there's plenty more in there.

In the private sector, where likely nothing more than corporate bonuses, share values, profits, etc., are at stake, heads would roll if such monumentally stupid and systemic problems were allowed to impede healthy operation for years, let alone decades. In the military, it's only the lives of your son and daughters, of course.

So that's ok, then!

But then, of course, such problems don't only result in a less efficient war effort.

How many years has the Duhpartment of Homeland Insecurity been running now? What DO they get up to?

A report entitled Alaska Land Mobile Radio system is a template for U.S. Homeland Security/Homeland Defense communications opens with, "Four years after 9-11, Hurricane Katrina underscored the fact that the same communications problems that plagued first responders at the World Trade Center and Pentagon are still plaguing first responders today."

Let me just leave you with this little tidbit. Back in 2003, the US Congress held a hearing on The Spectrum Needs of Our Nation's First Responders in which, amongst many other useful things, it was stated,

"This is not a new problem. Five years before 9/11, the Public Safety Wireless Advisory Committee (PSWAC) reported that ‘‘unless immediate measures are taken to alleviate spectrum shortfall and promote interoperability, public safety will not be able to adequately discharge their obligation to protect life and property in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.’’ Since that report, we have paid the price for inaction with the loss of lives."

Monday, January 23, 2006

Scooterworks' Vespa Stereo System with iPod dock

I swear to God, if I see someone with an iPod dock on a Vespa, they're going down and going down HARD!

I'm taking their Apple Mac-owning, black turtle-neck and 60s-style helmet wearing, Vespa borne butts outta the equation.

This whole look at meeee, I'm a trendy designer/dotcom-leveraging/numeeja-evangilising/techie-guru/futurist/whatever self-absorbed moron thing has to stop.

Oh...wait..hold on. There's a fax about my blogs coming in on my Blackberry. Gotta go, darlings.

Thoughts on Killer Appvertising

My brain can be quite worrying at times. Perhaps even more stressfull for people around me is the fact that the same "brain" is also, perhaps rather generously speaking, of course, tasked with what I rather loosely refer to as "controlling" my body. Burp.

So I had this thought, royt? Quite Killer App-tastic.

Well, not so much a killer app but a feature missing from online streaming advertising. Some of the online streaming ads are great but there is no reliable way to share them with friends.

So, there you have it: for true "killer appvertising" (remember you herd THAT hear Faust, ok! Sometimes my brandability scares me. Oh my gosh, but I AM good, am I not?).

Create easy ways for people who enjoy your ad to let others enjoy it, too. Oh my god, am I not awesome?

What sparked this?

I just enjoyed a hilarious streaming video ad with John Cleese pushing some kind of backup solution. It was streamed using AccelaCast technology, via a DoubleClick ad server into this page.

If it doesn't come up first go, refresh the page. You should see it after one or two goes. It's the one about the Institute of Backup Trauma.

Great stuff!

Holy Moly, advertisers REALLY need to make it easy as urination for people to share ads they enjoy. Heck, there's the next killer appvertising wrinkle: a central ad server that people can easily go to to view ads and download them. I've seen some such services but you have to pay!!

Gosh, pay for advertising? Heck, that would be as outrageously stupid as expecting people to pay good money not despite, but rather BECAUSE of, the corporate branding splattered all over it!! Imagine such a thing. Do they think we are morongs?

So, not only do they need one-click bookmarking but they also need "Send a link to this ad" and "Download this ad" links.

Go. Make your millions. You have been arsisted.

Do it.