Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prometheus - Official Full HD Trailer

It's been awhile in the making but Ridley Scott has just let loose the HD trailer for his latest sci-fi epic and it looks like a real whopper.

Not only that but it sounds like Prometheus is likely to have at least one follow-up release.

The film, which should be awesome in 3D, brings some well-known stars, including Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce, plus the rapidly-rising Michael Fassbender to the surround-screen fun of an interstellar horror mystery show that tells us yet again, to beware the unknown.

This looks to be no mere alien terror  - our brazen heroes are faced with the horrifying truth of how mankind faces a tragic destiny... unless they can slay their truly gigantic foe..

So, sounds like terrific fun, then!

Our sister blog, gearheads, has some videos of Michael Fassbinder on the BBC's Top Gear program.

More info on Prometheus at, wikipedia, and the movie's website (which was down when we wrote this).

Update: those incredible visual effects? That's MPC. Check out their site for more of this company's superb VFX.

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