Sunday, April 04, 2004

Monster cars, monster engine and monster gaming.

Another posting for the gear-heads out there.

The Japanese GT Championship features some fantastic close racing, and some occasional lunacy, in some of the most wacked-out race versions of pretty hot road cars like the Nissan Skyline, Honda NSX and Toyoa Supra.

You wanna see a HUGE diesel engine?

Check out the "Most Powerful Diesel Engine in the World".

Up to 14 cylinders, more than 25,000 liters and almost 109,000 horsepower at a dizzying 102rpm. I'd hate to see how much Snap-On charges for a complete tool kit....

(Thanks to Ted for this one.)

Online simulated motor racing seems to be coming on apace. I've always enjoyed Gran Turismo, especially the special version of GT3 but TrackMania, RaceSimCentral and the upcoming release of Driver 3 - AKA "Driv3r" all deserve special mention here.

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