Monday, December 19, 2005

Father and Son Teach Yuletide Lesson to Armed Robbers

Lordy Lord, how I love me the good old, traditional Christmas-time a-beatin' on armed would-be robbers. It just warms my cockles so!

Milwaukee father Alfredo Hernandez and his son turned the tables on their gun-toting attackers so thoroughly that one had to flee and the other had to...well, he had to wait for the cops, who then had to wait for the ambulance to take the nicely battered idiot away.

A cheese knife and a snow shovel play an integral role in this touching family mellow-drama.

Ya gots ta love any news item that reads,

"Oh yeah, I messed him up," Hernandez said. "He came in walking and left in a stretcher."

but to my mind, it's Christmas cash bonus time for the journalist who finishes this piece with:

Hernandez said his favorite movie is "Scarface."


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