Thursday, December 22, 2005

Forecasting Space Weather Takes a Giant Leap Forward

Those "searing waves of solar plasma" can really put a kink in your day. I know I certainly feel the effects of great plumes of our planet's "plasmasphere" being blown away. The problem was thought to occur on a random basis but scientists have finally connected these intergalactic bad hair days to problems with the Global Positioning System.

Now all they need to do is lern these scientists to speak reasonably intelligent English instead of grade-school blather like, "When these disturbances are happening they can throw stuff off,"

Oral ineptitude nothwithstanding, you can still
head on over to the Discovery Channel
for some bumper-sticker classics like,

"When a stormy bubble of hot plasma arrives from the sun, it starts the plasmasphere roiling and propels streams of plasma from the equator to higher latitudes"

and "The plasmasphere is little more than a planet-encircling cloud of stripped-down, wayward atoms that have been joggled loose from Earth's uppermost ionosphere by solar radiation."

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