Friday, December 30, 2005

Yet more interesting links

Man oh man do I have a backlog of stuff to post. I'm gonna try and just throw a load of links I've been hoarding recently. Here goes...

There's a useful/entertaining Yiddish Dictionary and potted history of the language here.

Read all about the next, errr, big thing in children's stuffed toys, Pee and Poo, here. Now back and available in a "Duo Pack". Class, true class.

Tanya Headon has a sweet rant against music going at I Hate Music. I'm particularly enjoying AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 LOUSY TUNES.

Larry Pratt raves on about the threats to personal freedoms and privacy potentially enjoyed through the use/exploitation of RFID technology in Spychips.

Ever wondered what Markham, Ontario, Canada looks like?

Inelegantly wasted: Britain's obsession with the bottle discusses Britain's problems with unhealthy drinking habits. No response yet from the leader of the Liberal Democrats....

Most Americans wrongly believe that the USA was founded by Christians, on Christian beliefs, and with the aim of creating a Christian nation. This mistaken belief tends to stem from a combination of historical ignorance, ignorance of history, a certain amount of Christian Right-wing historical revisionism, and a large helping of what amounts to little more than brain-washing by key figures in the government and amongst its supporters. Jim Walker goes into much greater detail in The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense founded on the Christian religion

I know, it's a little behind the curve now that it's almost New Year's Eve. My thoroughly bad, my good man, wot? Some people should not be allowed to buy Louis XIV furniture or Christmas lights.

The recent discovery of a Mayan mural in Guatemala has turned the "known" history of Mayan culture completely on its head, apparently.

Members and Associates of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility hold investments in a large part of corporate America. The ICCR investor coalition has 275 members with a combined market portfolio of more than 110 billion US dollars. Money talks, as they say, and these people are putting their money where their mouths are. Using their power as investors, they coerce and force companies to do the right thing. This is often achieved through the power of shareholder-sponsored corporate resolutions. It involves companies like McDonald's, GE, Lockheed, Anheuser-Busch, ChevronTexaco and issues such as the labelling of products to include information on the use of genetically modified organisms, the cleaning up of PCB contamination of the environment, depleted uranium, and other environmental and social issues. You can read more here.

The ICCR maintains a subcription-only Ethical Investment Services database here and the Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire Service is here..

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