Monday, January 23, 2006

Thoughts on Killer Appvertising

My brain can be quite worrying at times. Perhaps even more stressfull for people around me is the fact that the same "brain" is also, perhaps rather generously speaking, of course, tasked with what I rather loosely refer to as "controlling" my body. Burp.

So I had this thought, royt? Quite Killer App-tastic.

Well, not so much a killer app but a feature missing from online streaming advertising. Some of the online streaming ads are great but there is no reliable way to share them with friends.

So, there you have it: for true "killer appvertising" (remember you herd THAT hear Faust, ok! Sometimes my brandability scares me. Oh my gosh, but I AM good, am I not?).

Create easy ways for people who enjoy your ad to let others enjoy it, too. Oh my god, am I not awesome?

What sparked this?

I just enjoyed a hilarious streaming video ad with John Cleese pushing some kind of backup solution. It was streamed using AccelaCast technology, via a DoubleClick ad server into this page.

If it doesn't come up first go, refresh the page. You should see it after one or two goes. It's the one about the Institute of Backup Trauma.

Great stuff!

Holy Moly, advertisers REALLY need to make it easy as urination for people to share ads they enjoy. Heck, there's the next killer appvertising wrinkle: a central ad server that people can easily go to to view ads and download them. I've seen some such services but you have to pay!!

Gosh, pay for advertising? Heck, that would be as outrageously stupid as expecting people to pay good money not despite, but rather BECAUSE of, the corporate branding splattered all over it!! Imagine such a thing. Do they think we are morongs?

So, not only do they need one-click bookmarking but they also need "Send a link to this ad" and "Download this ad" links.

Go. Make your millions. You have been arsisted.

Do it.

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