Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I am such a pervert!

Ok, so I accidentally find this night market in the north of Thailand and it's pretty clear this is where the local "yoof" hang out (though it's not fair to say "yoof" as there's little in common between the British Yoof and the Thai youngsters). This town is noted for having the best looking women in Thailand and, if that's your flavour, Thai women already tend to be quite pleasing on the eye (and a few other body parts, I'm told).

So, I'm wandering around this market, surrounded by beautiful young women and what am I looking at? Their breasts? Their bottoms? Their faces? No. I'm looking at the classic scooters and motorcycles I keep finding parked all over the places.

Told you I'm a pervert.

Anyways, the upside of the story is I found another one of those delectible retro-styled motorcycles the Japanese keep cranking out. I never heard of the Kawasaki Estrella before but the one I found was very nice indeed. Tubular cradle frame, air-cooled 250cc single-cylinder engine, bullet exhaust. Heck, the crank-cases even LOOK like they're straight out of the '60s.

But, hey, what's this?!! Disc brakes? Modern disc brakes, no less. So I ask the owner. This thing's from 1993!

So I crank up Google and what do I find? These sites:

bikez.com have some data on the bike and a photo of what I think is a more common variant than the one I saw. Beware the stupid pop-under ad with the evil Gator plug-in!!!

some Japanese site that looks good but I can't read any of it and couldn't find much in the way of pictures.

another fan site.

If this cranks your fancy, see a docter. No, just kidding. While you're at it, check out the mouth-watering '60s British twin style of the Honda GB500, especially in TT form and then there's the jewel-like little Honda retro racer (I believe there's also a street version but what's the point?), the CB50R.

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