Monday, March 29, 2004

You can always find something interesting here. is always a good information resource and their gallery section has plenty of interesting things (or is it scary?).

My personal favourite? Well, I've always thought the idea of selling, let along buying, an F-18 fighter jet on eBay was novel.

While we're at it, this site is a useful list of military aircraft as is this amazing reference.

An excellent article about Chevalier Jerry Billing, a most remarkeable WWII Spitfire pilot from Essex county, Canada. You really MUST buy and read Jerry's book, A Knave Among Knights in Their Spitfires - it's a fantastic story about a fantastic chap.

Whilst I was looking-up all this stuff, I happened across this site where you can see a list of "THAI AIR ACCIDENTS (1971 to 1983)". It's a kind of different view of the war in Vietnam.

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