Sunday, March 28, 2004

Meanwhile, here's an extremely interesting article.

I was wondering about the veracity of claims that Islam seeks to convert the entire world. As I neither speak, nor read Arabic, it is difficult for me to read the Koran. I did, however, dig up some very interesting material, such as this article that, while flawed and inaccurate in some places, remains an interesting, thought-provoking and valuable read.

While I was researching, I found this site which bears closer examination - just don't take it as an impartial expert resource, for Pete's sake.

To read translations of the Koran, try this site. Be warned, read the Koran and, if you have read the Old Testament, you will be even more confused than when you started because there appears to be little real difference between any of these. Abraham/Ibrahim, Adam/Adam, Allah/God, etc....

All I want to know is how can any path such as this be truly spiritual when its scriptures begin with such negativity and immediately launches into a tirade about doubt, fear and ignorance?

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