Friday, January 20, 2006

Bush Administration Subpoenas Google in Porn Probe

Look ma, no constitutional rights!

"Looks like we got us a searchah!"

"You're either with us, or you're using search terms that mean you must be WMD-laden-homosexural-porn-lovin-commie-pinko-pedophile-terrorist?"

"There are known web searches and there are unknown web searches?"

The Associated Press writes, "the Bush administration depicts the information as vital in its effort to restore online child protection laws that have been struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court"

Hmm, the laws were struck down by the Supreme Court so the White House wants to restore them? I must be such an idiot thinking there's a slight flaw in the logic.

Lemme see, when MS or Yahoo fall over backwards to support suppression of human rights and freedom of speech by the Chinese government, that's BAD but when the White House does it, that's ok. No, wait. I think I got that wrong. In both cases its, um, the same thing? No, wait. Did I get that wrong or did I get that left?

I'm confused. Tell me again. Who are the bad guys?

I know, I know, I'm such a Chicken Little idiot. I have no idea what's really going on and I'm just getting all worked up over nothing. Our governments know what's really going on and what's really in our best interests.

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