Friday, January 20, 2006

Chile Elects Woman President

Michelle Bachelet is to be Chile's first woman president.

Ms Bachelet joins a growing list. Quite a few countries have or have had female leaders. The list includes Pakistan - a Muslim nation - and India.

Of course, there have been perilously few women leaders elected through democratic process (Ms Bachelet is only the second woman elected to lead a South American nation) but it's a sorry indightment and a reality check that the USA, that loudmouth bastion of "equality for all, y'all", "human rights" and, erm, "freedoms", has yet to even put forth a candidate, let alone elect a woman president.

Since I first erroneously posted this to my Daily Danger Blog, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has been sworn in as Liberia's first elected female president.

Come on America. Wake up and smell the Folger's - PAKISTAN HAS HAD A FEMALE LEADER, already!

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