Monday, January 02, 2006

Official White House Photos Caption Competition.

No, no, no. I don't mean this is an official caption competition. Well, it IS an official n-sphere caption competition but they're official White House photographs, ripped straight off the White House website, not the White House's official caption competition, savvy?

I simply couldn't let this one pass us by without suitable comment. And captioning.

Let's face it, nothing says "put your words here" like an official photo of President Gump ("Shit happens and I'm making everybody else pay for it, too!") posing like Curious George telling the professor about discovering pizza.


Anonymous said...

You wanna know the real reason I gave up drinking? This one time, at band camp, me and this hot l'il filly got a little too tanked up. Well, I had to put all those years wrasslin calves to good work wrassling them hips. They were like this! Next morning, I find out the filly is a stallion. Well, I tell ya, if Breakback Mountain wins an Oscar I am so gonna puke! Now you know where all those rumours about anti-depressants come from, ok?

Anonymous said...

Mah new program means that you do not have to cut off your entire arm, just this much and we can balance the budget again. I did the maths myself and figure it is ah small, uhm.....sack-reff-ice that we all kin make without to much inetruption to our lives.

Anonymous said...

'course, when I found out the BIG RED BUTTON wasn't a single button and wasn't THIS big, well, I was purdy darn pissed, I can tell ya! I was jess 'bout as down as the day back in, oh 2003 when Dick told me there was no Insatanity Clause.

Dick! DICK!!! Where the HELL is that Lego Mindstorm you promised me!!!

Anonymous said...

"I swear to gawd I saw it! Condeleesa Rice's ass musta been this big. And yes, it was white!"