Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pointless error codes - what's the deal?

I don't get it! I mean, take the newest networked multi-purpose copier/scanner/printer in my office. Please!

It's great to be here. You're a great crowd!

So up comes a call on the hailing frequency - "Nick! Nick!" My attendance has been requested at the Fuji Xerox that costs as much as a truck and weighs damn near as much.

The LCD panel says, "A fault occurred. Error code 005-285. Check the user guide for more information.", or something along those lines.

So I have to dig up the phone-directory-sized User Guide, which says, "A problem with the document feeder. Power cycle the unit."

This photocopier can scan, photocopy and print up to A3 in colour. It can function as a print server. It is networked. It can save files to another computer via FTP and network file shares. It can even email scans wherever you want them sent, for Christ's sake.

Why on earth can't they just program it so it says, "There was a problem with the document feeder. Turn the machine off and on again?"

I had a nice giggle while searching for the error code in Google (it's often faster to Google something like this than look in the User Guide) but I'm wondering why the first result was a page that says, "Crumpler Nad Sack green?"

And what IS Crumpler Nad Sack green? An oddly named village in England? The hottest colour in posing pouches (I thought that was tiger-print angora)?

And why does it only come up in searches via Google Thailand?

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