Thursday, April 22, 2004

Awesome Thai Rock music.

No, really.

I was originally going to chuck in some of the rock songs I've recently been enjoying as a counter to charges that I'm gay. You'll understand this when I let you know about some of the non-rock songs I've been enjoying. To be honest, some of them make ME wonder if I'm turning gay. In the meantime, this rock stuff is just too good not to let you know about RIGHT NOW.

I'm flabbergasted by the quality of music I keep turning up in Thailand. The Thais are an amazingly creative people and they just keep churning out fine track after fine track. The women ain't too bad, neither.....

I've long appreciated Silly Fools for their silly album covers but their music is wicked, too. Check out Laew Tae Pae and Nam Laai.

Ao Pai Luei by Kala & Clash features is a nice tight piece with some awesome solo licks. Even better, though, is the monstrous twinleadasaurus the likes of which haven't roamed the earth since the late seventies-zoic period or perhaps early eightiesassic.

Someone's been listening to their Scorpions collection.....
Plae Nai Jai by Clash (no, not THE Clash)
Rock ballad in the finest German style and surely a great candidate for an epic air guitar night "moment".

Another stunning cigarette-lighters at Cobo Arena track is Jam Fang Jai by I-ZAX.

Paradox have clearly been swimming in their punk album collection as their Man Kor Yang Ngong Ngong demonstrates but they do it so damn well, it's amazing. Makes me feel like I'm back in highschool - that or a Jonathon Demme film.

Yet more mouthwatering power rock, Loong Baang Mai, courtesy of a joint effort called Rock Project 2. Again, a health warning is in order if your heart, like mine, grows weak at the sound of twin lead.

Kala's Sia Mai is a rather impish combination of hard-edged rock guitar, cheesy computer drums (and some real drums, too) and bleeps. At least I think that's one way to describe it. I defy you not tap your fingers or foot.

After all that, I guess it was inevitable that they had to "do" Metallica so listen to Dab Khrueng Chon by Ultra Chuadz.

I'm sure someone's set-up a secret lab in Thailand where they're cloning the finest session musicians of the 80s.....

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