Wednesday, April 21, 2004

New greeting cards?

Are Hallmark et al., failing to move with the times?

Surely it's time for cards for some of the following scenarios:

"So you're having a LAN party!"

"So sorry your Beemer has that stupid iDrive."

"So sorry to hear your 80 thousand dollar BMW runs Windows."

"An expression of sympathy for your dead hard-drive. May time help to replace your MP3 collection and bring back your address book."

"So you've been labelled an illegal combatant!"

"In these difficult times of the Congestion Charge."

"In this time of throttled bandwidth."

"So sorry your job went to India."

"Whoops! You forgot to back up your work."

"For my darling iPod."

"So your internet access is 10 years old!"

"Thinking warm and caring thoughts of you, Wishing you exactly what you need to see you through the reinstallation of Windows."

"Wishing you a great, big Fallujah welcome!"

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