Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Latest cool motorbikes in Asia.

There appears to be a host of cool, curious and just plain wacky motorbikes (as is the case with cars) that never make it from Asia to the West. Here's my latest round-up of covetable two-wheeled toys from Japan.

The Suzuki ST 250 appears to be a mildly retro-styled road bike.

Suzuki Japan is also offering a 250cc factory super-moto, a fairly wicked-looking 250cc "Grass Tracker", one model called the "Big Boy" (oooh, allo!) and yet another retro-bike - the Volty (who thinks up these names?).

Meanwhile, what on earth is the Honda Griffon supposed to do? Glad it's a prototype.

Another in the what-on-earth-are-they-thinking department is the PS250 scooter. The tagline is "Take Your Girl for a Ride or Carry Luggage-It's All Fun!" - shouldn't that read "Take Your Baggage for a Ride or Carry Luggage-It's All Fun"?

Honda do offer us the attractive (as in 400cc single-cylinder attractive) CB400SS (I think this is a better photo) and the eency-weency Benly 50S.

Yamaha bring us the Tricker XG250 and the natty little RZ50

Not to be outdone in the quarter-litre fun stakes, Kawasaki has the D-Tracker super-moto, the Estrella in two forms - RS and Custom (period drum brakes) and the 250 TR. For something a bit more meaty, check out the W650. Retro seems to be the new modern, eh?

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