Thursday, December 15, 2005

How can you trademark "cut loose"???

Oops, I think that's supposed to read, "How can you trademark cut loose™". My bad.

Anyway, SplashPower are, ahem, destined to alter forever our daily struggles with power blisters, power bars, plugging gadgets into chargers, unplugging gadgets from chargers, packing multiple chargers, etc...

But what about when I'm traveling and I only need to be able to charge my phone and I don't want to "cut loose™" and carry a SplashPad in my luggage? So far, I've done very well with a single small charger for my phone, batteries for my normal-battery-using PDA and, erm, NO mp3 player. Old skool, y'all.

Sure, I pack a USB charging cable for my phone too. That's a boon. Hit up an internet cafe, charge my phone for free. Sly, huh? But would SplashPower mean I still need to buy individual chargers for traveling?

I thought SplashPads were for people in their "golden years" who can no longer control their bladders and I thought "cutting loose" was slang for a fairly childish, but essential (and very manly), bodily function.


'King Fart™head

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