Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Stupid, lazy journalists.

Yeah, I know that's a relatively redundant trio but some people today are still worthy of the terms "journalist" and "writer".

And then there are people who get paid to write stuff like, "The tech giant's new line is aimed at helping Web-based businesses handle millions of tasks quickly." I don't expect humans to be perfect but please - "helping Web-based businesses handle millions of tasks quickly.."?

It's not even buried down in all the other crap, they stuck it right up front, like they're proud of it or something. Then again, maybe I'm just suffering yet again from my usual inability to get all excited and lose the head off my Starbucks cappuccino over technology that to me seems pretty, well, rudimentary whilst everybody else jumps up and down.

But the ability to handle many tasks quickly? Wow. How awfully space-age....

The whole article is a bit surreal. The real shame, however, is that the vice-president of IBM UNIX server division isn't named Freud. This passage would have been a beauty (it still could be):

"Rivals are quick to ladle big helpings of fear, uncertainty, and doubt onto the new machines. Karl Freund, vice-president of IBM's UNIX server division, derides the Niagara processor as "Viagra chips. But Viagra might have more staying power." Freund argues that Niagara lacks enough on-chip cache memory to handle anything but the simplest jobs -- most of which are already handled well enough by cheap Linux-based Intel machines."

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