Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Most excellently observed, my good man!

In the /. thread on "Mysterious MilkyWay Warp Finally Explained?", there is this most excellent little bit, including one my favourite phrases this year, "These two statements illustrate a profound lack of understanding of both special and general relativity."

I think it's time for "Jerry Springer Metaphysics - When Mind Over Matter Goes Bad!!"

White Trash Country Boffkin 1: Gonna stop right there for a second, the bold type was added by me for this reason... How can you -estimate- a constant, since that number is one of the multipliers in your equation, if even one number is off it completely changes everything about your answer.

White Trash Boffkin 2: You mean to tell me that unless I use the exact value of pi, I cannot perform any sophsticated calculations involving circles, spheres, toroids, etc without "completely changing the answer"?

White Trash Boffkin 1: It is imperative that you end your acoustic output!

White Trash Boffkin 2: Direct your orally expressed systematic and symbolic representation of thoughts at the hand!!!

Crowd: WOO! WOO! WOO!! WOO!!!!

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