Monday, January 09, 2006

Pete Burns: Sir Lost the Plot Alot?

You spin my stomach ‘round, baby
Right ‘round like a record, baby
Right ‘round, ‘round, ‘round,

Has Pete Burns completely lost plot? Have I just a completely stupid question?

Pete's been under the knife quite a bit and I certainly wouldn't want to be the person of whom he asks, "How do I look? Seriously, how do I look?"

Apparently, this is completely normal. After all, as Pete says,

"If you own a car, you change that every few years, and that's just what I'm doing with my appearance."

Pete, listen to your mother, will you?

Meanwhile, the UK's Big Brother tv show appears to be trying its damndest to show how utterly retarded millions of people can be. Who gives a flying attempt at coitus with a rolling donut about Barrymore's snoring?

I really need to start a campaign in support of post natal abortion. Freedom of choice. My choice of who deserves to continue this life in this plane.

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