Friday, January 13, 2006

Time for A Load of Links

I love to fark. Farkers love to fark. Fark has a farkload of good stories today....

Melissa Joan Hart used to be HOT! What went wrong?

You ever read those "lunatic, anti-Jewish, conspiracy theory racists blabbing on and on about The Judeo-Christian Conservative right-wing zionist conspiracy"? No? Well Pat Robertson suggested Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was God's punishment for withdrawing from the Gaza Strip. As a result, "Israel Suspends Contact With Pat Robertson". Please note the bit about the relationship between Right-Wing Christian Conservatives and Israel.

Read more about why such a conspiracy might not be so lunatic, after all.

Do I ever feel old: KISS star to have hip replacemement surgery.

Family claims in suit that man died after ducking flying shrimp

Five Danish military police officers found guilty of Iraq abuse. Of course, they don't deserve to be punished. That would risk sending the right message and we wouldn't want to do something right for once, would we? After all, the only really bad people in Iraq are the people who aren't "with us" in the global fight against terrorism, right?

Virginia city drops anti-crowding law. God Bless a Country where a law "which would have prevented relatives such as aunts, uncles and cousins from living together as a family" can be given even a shred of serious consideration.

Did city councillors drop the proposition becuase it was heinously stupid and dangerous? No, of course not. Councillors feared "...lawsuits from civil rights groups and a possible federal investigation..."

"Meet Virginia. She'll turn your world upside down," apparently.

(Australian man, let me just point out,) Man breaks leg while kicking spider.

A student in the UK asked a policeman, "Excuse me, do you realise your horse is gay?" Of course, he "was arrested under section 5 of the Public Order Act for making homophobic remarks.." The police said, "He made homophobic comments that were deemed offensive to people passing by." Yes, of course. Asking a question like this is clearly a homophobic act likely to result in a breach of public order.

Yes, the Crown Prostitution, whoops, I mean Prosecution Service, has dropped the case because of a lack of evidence that the arrested man had acted in a disorderly manner.

No news on whether the taxpayer has asked the officer concerned, "Excuse me, do you realise you are overpaid, humourless, unfit to work in policing, obstructing justice, jack-booted, a waste of taxpayers' money, AND gay?"

In yet another example of the incredible intelligence required to be racial supremacist, an African-American law-enforcement officer was once asked to lead a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan: Black sergeant was 'loyal Klansman'

Taiwan breeds transgenic, fluorescent, green pig.

Apparently, the Chinese are BIG on Korean hip hop. Luckily, the Chinese are also big on product piracy...

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